Underwear & Writing…

Here’s the truth: if you walked down the street in almost any given city in the United States, not everyone would be wearing underwear. Most likely, you’d never know. For some people, they can’t stand how it pinches or rubs, some were entirely out of laundry soap, and for others, they feel like it just hems them in.

The same is true for writing copy. If you walked into nearly any conference of successful business leaders, you’d have no idea who was doing their own writing and who wasn’t. Some hate trying to get words down on paper, others are completely out of time.

As a business leader, you don’t have to force yourself to write, just like no one is forcing you to wear underwear. I’m pretty sure no one will know if you don’t. Hiring a ghostwriter or communications consultant to cover the parts of your job that pinch or rub or you just run out of time for, is smart thinking.