Margaret Juliano, JD

Maggie has experience across a range of communications, marketing, and public relations projects; and it all started when she was a teenager.  As a contestant on a national game show, Maggie learned about studio staging, lighting and timing. At 13, she was interviewed by state and local television programs. With a penchant for advocacy, Maggie applied these skills to public interest campaigns in college and beyond. Her first jobs out of college involved working with reporters in print and television across the country on technical and environmental issues. Maggie also was a registered lobbyist at age 25.

That background in media and marketing led Maggie to land interviews in Town & Country, Psychology Today and Yoga Journal as well as mentions in the Washington Post about Sprout Yoga, a nonprofit she founded, all within the first 2 years of its operation.

Her background also includes print publications as both a writer and editor, including academic journals as well as trade magazines and in-house publications.

In her legal career, Maggie oversaw the foundation of a variety of nonprofits, including creating bylaws, charters, fundraising strategies, and communications plans.

She now focuses her work as writer and editor on law, regulation, and policy topics. She blends her law and writing, covering the 2016 election for the now-defunct Daily IQ (an online magazine) and serving as county counsel to the Clinton campaign for election protection.

Her clients include public relations firms in the bio-pharmaceutical field, technology consulting companies working with heavily regulated customers, business professionals, and financial advisors to ERISA-related employee benefit plans. She also proofreads and ghostwrites for academics and attorneys.

Maggie has a J.D. from Emory Law School, with honors, where she was Editor-in-Chief of the Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal. She graduated with honors from Oberlin College, where she majored in History and minored in Environmental Science.